Our mission is to spark our students' natural curiosity and love of learning and to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to live successful and fulfilling lives.  


Dedicated Teachers

We believe learning happens best when students have warm relationships with highly effective teachers.  We are committed to zealously supporting teachers who are experts in their subjects, great role models, and who are devoted to our students' success.


Individualized Approach

We believe every child has unique talents, interests, and learning styles, and our school is designed around our conviction that it is our job to help motivate each child to identify and reach ambitious personal goals.  


Project-Based Instruction

Our  instruction is project-based.  We know from experience that students can grasp difficult concepts better when all five senses are engaged.  A well-crafted project, closely coupled with rigorous academic content, propels students beyond simple memorization.  It teaches them to communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems, and work with others.  


STREAMS Curriculum

We offer a college preparatory STREAMS curriculum, which emphasizes: 

  • Science 
  • Technology
  • Reading & Writing
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Math
  • Social-emotional learning

In addition, we will offer Spanish language and depending on demand potentially Mandarin, French, or Korean.


Exciting Extracurriculars

Proposed extracurriculars include Coding, Cybersecurity, Rocketry, Robotics,  Drone, Choir, Arts and Crafts, Dance, Young Entrepreneurs, Foreign Language, National Honor Society, Student Council,  Key Club, Spelling Bee, Odyssey of the Mind,  Destination Imagination, Math Olympiad, MathCounts, Science Fair, Science Olympiad, Chess, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, and Track.  Depending on student and faculty interests, we will likely have additional offerings. 

In addition to extracurriculars, we will also offer after school tutorials and homework help.


Our Timeline

We are applying for a charter from the State of Texas this January.  If we are successful, we will be awarded a charter in the fall of 2020 and our school will open in August 2021.  We plan to open with grades K, 1, and 2 in 2021-22 and increase our grade levels by one grade each year until our inaugural class of second graders reaches 12th grade and graduates from our high school in 2032.



We are currently selecting a location somewhere on the south side of San Antonio.  If you would like to see our school in your community, please include your address in our contact form below.  This will help show us where families want us and will influence our choice of location and where we draw our attendance boundaries.


What Is a Charter School?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that run independently of a school district.  Charter schools are given more autonomy over their staffing and educational model in exchange for increased accountability to the state.  Charter schools are open to any student and do not require students to take entrance exams.  Their boundaries are set by their charter and often include many ISDs or a whole county.  Our boundaries will depend on who signs up for our interest list before we apply for our charter in January.


Summer Robotics Camps

Register here for our Summer Robotics Camp (ages 5-15) to be held:

Dates and Locations will   be posted soon.


For the Summer  Robotics Camp, contact us through the form below.

Join our interest list below to learn more about our free Summer Robotics Camp and our 2021 School Opening!

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